We aim to have all items in stock for immediate shipment.

If we’re out of stock of a particular item but are expecting further deliveries from the manufacturer, you can still place an order for it.

The wait time for new stock is usually 2-3 weeks, but can sometimes be a bit longer. If it does, then we’ll email to let you know with the option of either continuing to wait or cancelling your order.

Unfortunately, manufacturers do sometimes discontinue lines with no advance warning. We can’t control this, but will always let you know if we can’t fulfil your order.

If part of your order isn’t in stock and the wait time for the new stock is longer than usual, we’ll split the items and ship what we can straight away – subject to payment authorisation of course. The exception to this is if an outstanding item belongs to a matching set, then we’ll keep the matching items back (but still reserved for you) until we can send you the complete set.

You’ll also only be charged once for shipping, regardless of whether we have to split your order (this doesn’t apply if you choose to have the order split for sending to more than one address).