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Selena Care Bra Available in Pearl Rose

If you like post-surgical bra Selena  you might like to know that it is also available in summery Pearl Rose. Alongside the existing black, the colour accordingly makes it suitable for most outfits.  Selena, like our other mastectomy bras, is pocketed on both sides for use with or without a breast-form. Featuring all over lace with an appealing floral design, Selena is an ideal every day bra, both pretty and comfortable while offering a great fit!

When to choose Selena? Selena is an ideal choice when you are fully healed from your breast surgery and ready to create your mastectomy bra wardrobe. After all just because you are using a breast form  there is no reason why you shouldn’t have beautiful lingerie.  (For bras to use immediately after surgery please see here for some suggestions)

A matching high-waist brief completes the Selena Mastectomy Bra beautifully. Don’t forget to check back each month and browse our new arrivals 🙂

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Anita Care Bra to raise money for Breast Cancer


For the second year running, Anita Care and will be donating 10% of profits on the Tonya special bra to MacMillan Cancer Support during the month of October 2015.

 Tonya is a best-selling soft cup bra that is practically invisible under clothes, especially tight-fitting garments such as T-shirts when worn in the nude colour-way.  The Tonya is pocketed on both sides and the pockets are made of delicate breathable tulle. Flat edging bands around the neckline and arms ensure it remains extremely soft on the skin.The straps are padded throughout with supple fibrefill and get wider as the size increases while the stretch adjustable back has a four position fastener for a super comfortable fit.

This best selling bra is a great option after partial or reconstructive surgery and for that reason we have chosen it as our ‘hero’ piece for Octobers Breast Cancer awareness fund raiser. Please check back to see when the promotion goes live on October 1st and grab the chance to stock up on one of our best selling bras.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is a month we celebrate at Eloise since it traditionally marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. To be honest we think that every month should mark Breast Cancer Awareness as latest figures show that one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during the course of their lifetime. The more publicity that Breast Cancer recieves then the more fund raising will be done to suport those who are diagnosed and to aid research into a cure. So October is a very welcome month on the Eloise calendar as events take place up and down the country and across the world to mark the month and raise money for Breast Cancer Charities.

For our part this month, Eloise will be donating 10% of the profits from the sale of the Safina Bra  to Breast Cancer Care. We chose Safina as it is one of our best selling mastectomy bras, super supportive and comfortable. Its a perfect everyday bra with stretch panels at the neckline and around the arms for a perfect fit with wide flatly padded straps and skin-friendly discreet cotton jersey pockets on both sides for a prosthesis. You can buy Safina in Black, Crystal or Nude so it will work with pretty much everything you haev in your wardrobe whatever the colour. Nude is the best colour to choose if you are wearing a white top by the way, white bras under white tops still show through where a nude coloured bra will remain invisible.

You will also likely have seen our previous post letting you all know about the open evening we are hosting on October 26th at our Fitting Room here in Milton Keynes at the Eloise head office. The event is called \’Restoring Curves and Confidence\’ and we will be welcoming post-surgical ladies from across the region.Whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of Bucks Fizz and canopies visitors can take advantage of a Bra fitting by specialist fitters from Eloise, a bespoke ‘Eye Brow Bar’ with Clarins make-up experts who will be transforming eyebrows that may have been damaged or lost through chemo, a demonstration of important exercises to undertake after surgery from Pilates instructor April Tarabella of AT sports injury clinic  and a charity raffle in aid of Bosom Pals, a local  Breast Cancer  charity which will include a fabulous Spa Day kindly donated by Champneys Henlow Grange.

There will also be a short section on planting and growing Peonies with a premium Peony kindly donated for the raffle by Primrose Hall Nursery, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Award winning Peony growers based in Befordshire. Gardening is encouraged as a gentle form of exercise after surgery as it is good for the mind and soul as well as the body and Peonies have long been one of the nations favourites .

We look forward to seeing you later in the month but in case you cant make it, why not treat yourself to Safina and do your bit to help us raise valuable funds for Breast Cancer Care 🙂

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The Great Outdoors


It seems that Summer is finally almost here. We are approaching the longest day, the shrubs are all in blossom and the birds are fledging from their nests. Everything seems to be telling us its Summer. So now is the time to stop hibernating, get off the sofa and get outside. There is so much to see in Summer.

Some of you may be thinking what is so great about being outdoors. It’s great for our health the perfect way to get our Vitamin D and helps reduce stress. Take walking as an example. says


 “during treatment, even just spending less time sitting down and taking very short walks can help. Being active has many benefits and can help to:


  • reduce tiredness and some treatment side effects
  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • improve your mood and quality of life
  • strengthen your muscles, joints and bones
  • look after your heart and reduce the risk of other health problems.”


Walking for Health’s study on walking says 


“Why walking works


 For most of us walking is as simple as slipping on a pair of shoes and opening the front door. It’s perfect for people who have poor health, or don’t fancy intense exercise. Walking makes a great ‘gateway’ to the world of exercise because it often inspires people to try out other healthy activities.” 

If walking is not your thing then what about bird watching. It’s a great activity especially for a family with young children. Children are naturally inquisitive and love to learn new things. You could help them learn about the birds in your back garden by building a nest box or go bird spotting in the woods it’s a great way to spend time together as a family. 


If you want something a little more active what about going for a bike ride the NHS says cycling: “Saves you money, gets you fit and helps the environment”  


Sustrans look after the The National Cycle Network a series of safe, traffic-free paths and quiet on-road cycling and walking routes that connect to every major town and city.” You’ve probably seen their Blue signs with numbers on around your town why not have a look at their website and find a route near you?

There are so many other things you can do outdoors flying kites, treasure hunts, good old hop scotch, looking for insects, going for a picnic or just sitting under a tree reading a good book with a glass of wine.

So, turn of the telly put on your shoes and go outside. While the weather lasts or before you know it it’ll be winter again.




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A Spicey Make-over for Post Surgery Bra Ella


Ooooh with colours like this you can take on the winter with style! We bet you will fall in love with this gorgeous new colour for the beautiful Ella care bra due out this November.

The best-selling bra is getting a brand new look with the new fiery red Cayenne Pepper adding a seasonal colour kick to the existing snow white and charcoal grey already in the range. Featuring pretty embroidery backed with cotton to discreetly conceal the breast apex, the elastic neckline band with soft backing lends additional support to the cups making it super comfortable and ensuring a good fit. It comes with matching briefs and high waist briefs for your preference (the high waist has some shaping so if you are trying to slip into that special dress we would go for these)

Many of us find winter very depressing so brightly coloured lingerie can really cheer us up on a gloomy day.  And having breast surgery doesn’t mean that you are resigned to wearing boring underwear so why not spice things up this winter with the new Cayenne Pepper Ella. Available from November

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Walking A Mile A Day Can Save Your Life


Listening to the radio a while ago a well-known DJ was talking about ages. She asked if we knew our Earth age, Show Biz age & Behavioural age.  She said your Earth age is your real age, your Show Biz age is the age you want everyone to think you are (especially when us ladies can no longer say we are 21).  Your behavioural age depends on what you enjoy doing, for example do you enjoy spending the afternoon looking around a garden centre followed by a cup of tea & slice of cake in their café, or do you prefer traipsing around the shops all day looking for the highest heels & tightest dress for the perfect Friday night outfit. Can you cope staying out till 2 am or are you back home tucked up in bed by 11pm? Our excitedly sitting on a 1950’s bus going to visit a national trust home in Devon, then realizing the average age on the Bus was about 70 was quite a revelation, especially as this made our behavioural age about 30 years above our real age!

 Through the conversation the DJ mentioned she was shocked to find her behavioural age had changed when she realised she enjoyed going for a walk, not to get somewhere, just going for a walk. Something she would never have dreamed of when she was younger. It’s true there comes a time in our lives when we think what shall we do, I know I’ll go for a walk, I’ll go for a little stroll around the park and we enjoy it! For some of us this then turns into an obsession with walking maybe even hiking. We chose holidays because we’ve read of a must do walk or two with amazing waterfalls nearby.

 We tend to underestimate the value of walking. It’s not just about getting from A to B because we missed the bus or haven’t got a car. It’s actually good for us according to Macmillan Cancer Support who say : “Walking just one mile a day could save lives” They go on to say “Patients diagnosed with two of the most common cancers (breast and prostate) could reduce their risk of dying by walking just one mile a day, according to new calculations by Walking for Health, run by Macmillan Cancer Support and the Ramblers [1].

 Walking one mile at a moderate pace (3mph), or for just 20 minutes a day, could reduce breast cancer patients’ risk of dying from the disease by 40% while those with prostate cancer could reduce their risk by almost a third (30%).”

 One mile is not that far from your home. It may be the shops or even a garden centre so it doesn’t have to change your behavioural age. But it will help your health. Another great thing about walking is you get to explore and see places you’ll never see by car. That amazing waterfall you keep hearing about but think is not worth the effort or that feeling of achievement when you reach the top of that hill you’ve been looking at for years. Walking is great whatever age you are.

Psst…Dont forget your WellBeing Bra for walking in!!!


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Mastectomy Lingerie Frequently Asked Questions

Eloise Lingerie have been specialists in mastectomy lingerie since 1994. With 18 years of experience we are happy to provide advice on the best lingerie and swimwear for you, whether you have just had surgery, or you simply have concerns about your everyday bras or prosthesis. A few of the frequently asked questions which we have received over the years are below.

I’m about to have surgery, what bra do I need?

If you are about to have a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, then it’s important to have the right bra after surgery. It will allow you to heal, accommodate swelling and most importantly, feel comfortable. We recommend a special post surgery bra, that is soft against the skin and is front fastening, which you may feel is easier if you have impaired movement in your arm. All of our post surgery bras contain pockets or cup linings to insert a lightweight breast form, also known as a comfie. If you are having reconstructive surgery, a compression bra may be suggested as the best option.

What happens next?

About 6-8 weeks later after healing, you will be ready to wear a more supportive bra with a silicone prosthesis. We recommend you come and see us to ensure you are in the correct size and shape of bra. Eloise stock bras from Royce and Anita in our mastectomy bra range, offering an excellent choice of different styles. We are more than happy to fit and advise you on your lingerie and breast prosthesis so that it best matches your natural shape.

How many bras do I need?

We would recommend you have a small collection of different bras to suit different outfits. You may also prefer different bras and prosthesis for daywear, leisurewear and special occasions. Start with three different bras, one to wear, one to wash and one in the drawer. The average life span of a bra is 6 months so remember to replace your bras regularly.

Can I wear Underwires?

We would not recommend wearing an underwired bra immediately after a mastectomy as the delicate tissue around the scar needs time to heal. Usually you can wear an underwired bra approximately 4-6 months after surgery if you feel comfortable and you have the all clear from the doctor. It is important that you are fitted correctly for your underwired mastectomy bra to make sure the wires are not digging into to the delicate tissue surrounding the scar.

What about exercise, do I need specialist bras or swimwear?

Most nurses will encourage you to be active after surgery. We have sports bras for low impact sports such as yoga, and more supportive styles for high impact activity such as running, tennis or horse-riding. Once you have completed your treatment, swimming is one of the best low-impact forms of exercise. Therefore we stock specially designed swimming prostheses that allow the water to drain quickly away, and chlorine resistant mastectomy swimsuits with pockets inside to keep you secure and confident. We also have beautiful, fashionable pocketed swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis should you want to go away somewhere fabulous to get away from it all.

I don’t feel comfy in my bras or prosthesis. What can I do?

We are always happy to offer advice over the phone or through email, but to receive the best service we recommend you have a fitting, fittings for mastectomy wear. A one to one consultation will take you through the best bra and prosthesis styles for your shape and is invaluable for those ladies who don’t know where to start in their journey for comfort and style.

please do not hesitate in contacting Eloise for directions on where to receive a private, professional fitting. 

Please call 0845 22 55 080 

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Welcome to the all new Eloise website!

We’ve given it a fresh, contemporary new look and packed it with new features guaranteed to make your shopping experience simpler and more enjoyable!

What’s new you ask? Well not only do we now have reviews where you can let us and other shoppers know what you think about individual products and a news section where we give you updates on what Eloise is up to, our biggest highlight is the real-time product availability status.

This simply means that when you choose a particular item, size and colour, our new system will immediately tell you if the item is in stock and if it isn’t then when to expect delivery. This new feature is linked directly to our stock system so you can see for yourself exactly what we have at the time of your order!

And to make matter even easier once your order is made you can check the status of your order in your online account. Log on at any time, day or night and it will tell you at what stage of proceedings your order is at.

So a whole host of fabulous new features for you to try! Please let us know what you think, we would love to hear your feedback.

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Good Housekeeping’s Breast Cancer Myths Busted

Good Housekeeping published an interesting post on Breast Cancer Myths from a Nuffield Health care professional. You can read the article here or oherwise we have put a copy below for you to read. Dont forget to share the info with friends and family.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, affecting almost 55,000 UK women each year. Here are the 10 most common myths about breast cancer and the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Most breast lumps are cancerous

Simply discovering a lump is not a sign that you have breast cancer. Roughly 80% of lumps in women’s breasts are caused by benign (noncancerous) changes, cysts, or other conditions. You should have all lumps checked just to be sure.

Myth 2: Breast cancer always comes in the form of a lump

A lump may be an indication of breast cancer or one of many benign breast conditions. There are other changes in the breast to look out for such as changes to breast skin (swelling, skin irritation or dimpling), changes to the shape and size of the breasts, breast or nipple pain, nipple inversion, redness, scaliness, thickening of the nipple or breast skin, or a discharge other than breast milk.


Myth 3: If you’re at risk for breast cancer, there’s little you can do but watch for the signs

There’s a lot that women can do to lower their risk, including losing weight if they’re obese, getting regular exercise, lowering alcohol consumption, examining their breasts regularly and quitting smoking.

Myth 4: Only women with a family history of breast cancer are at risk

Roughly 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors for the disease. But the family-history risks are these:

·         One first degree female relative diagnosed with breast cancer aged younger than 40 (a first degree relative is your parent, brother or sister, or your child).

·         One first degree male relative diagnosed with breast cancer at any age.

·         One first degree relative with cancer in both breasts where the first cancer was diagnosed aged younger than 50.

·         Two first degree relatives, or one first degree and one second degree relative, diagnosed with breast cancer at any age (second degree relatives are aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, grandparents, and grandchildren).

·         One first degree or second degree relative diagnosed with breast cancer at any age and one first degree or second degree relative diagnosed with ovarian cancer at any age (one of these should be a first degree relative).

·         Three first degree or second degree relatives diagnosed with breast cancer at any age.

Myth 5: Wearing an underwire bra increases your risk of getting breast cancer

Claims that underwire bras compress the lymphatic system of the breast, causing toxins to accumulate and cause breast cancer, are not backed up by science. The consensus is that neither the type of bra you wear nor the tightness of your underwear or other clothing has any connection to breast cancer risk.

Myth 6: Wearing antiperspirant increases your risk of getting breast cancer

There are claims that parabens, used as preservatives in some antiperspirants, have weak oestrogen-like properties and may contribute to breast cancer development. But no cause-and-effect connection between parabens and breast cancer has been established.

Myth 7: Small-breasted women have less chance of getting breast cancer

Very small breasts and very large breast can be difficult to examine using mammography and MRI but there is no evidence to show that women with small breasts are less likely to develop breast cancer. Mammographers are specially trained to ensure women of all sizes can be screened. More important than size is the type of tissue the breast is made of. Very dense tissue, which shows up white on a mammogram, can make it difficult to detect small cancers.

Myth 8: Caffeine causes breast cancer

No causal connection has been found between drinking caffeine and getting breast cancer. In fact, some research suggests that caffeine may actually lower your risk. So far it’s inconclusive whether breast soreness may be linked to caffeine.

Myth 9: Women with lumpy breasts (fibrocystic breast changes) have a higher risk of developing breast cancer

In the past, women with lumpy, dense, or fibrocystic breasts were believed to be at higher risk of getting breast cancer, but there doesn’t appear to be a connection after all. However, when you have lumpy breasts, it can be trickier to differentiate normal tissue from cancerous tissue, so you should report any changes to your GP.

Myth 10: Mammograms expose you to so much radiation that they increase your risk of cancer

While it’s true that radiation is used in mammography, the amount is so small that any associated risks are tiny when compared to the huge preventive benefits gained from the test. Mammograms can detect lumps well before they can be felt or otherwise noticed, and the earlier that lumps are caught, the better one’s chances of a positive outcome.

Provided by Nuffield Health’s professional head of mammography, Sue Oliver.

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The Art of Relaxation


When was the last time you did nothing? We’re not talking about sitting watching telly. We’re talking about having some me time. Stopping sitting in a quiet place with a cup of tea admiring the view and drifting off, meditation on what really matters. Coming up with new plans, working out ways to fulfil your dreams.

Life today seems to be controlled by deadlines whether it’s, work, picking the children up from school, paying the bills on time. Then there’s the noise from all those time saving devices, everything bleeps, text messages, the washing machine, tumble drier, microwave. Not only are there not enough hours in the day but peace and quiet doesn’t seem to exist. Doing nothing seems to be a luxury nobody or very few people can afford.

We’ve all been told at various times we need to relax and have been shown articles that remind us that relaxation is very important for us mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The Huffington Post says relaxing “protects your heart, lowers your risk of catching a cold, boosts your memory, lower’s your stroke risk, keeps you safe from depression, helps you make better decisions, keeps you slim, eases acne, will keep you in a good mood, and could slow breast cancer: While research on the effects of cancer growth are largely inconclusive, there is some evidence pointing toward the link between stress and breast cancer aggressiveness. Relaxing not only seems to delay the progression of the disease, but may also speed recovery.”

 We have heard the benefits but how do we do we relax. It does come easier for some than others.

 Life Hacker has some good tips it suggests:

 Keep a journal to think things out, boost your self-esteem, and also help you deal with stress in your life, even if you can’t directly act on them.”


 schedule time to worry about things that are bothering you. Doing that kind of compartmentalizing could reduce overall stress and anxiety”

It also suggests

“Find activities that help you recharge, such as reading a book, going for a walk, or simply listening to music. Or take a brain-boosting power nap.”

Relaxation doesn’t have to be about something big it could just be a few minutes to yourself, reading a good book, just sitting in the garden watching the birds or watching the world go by with a coffee. Or our favourite, especially this time of year, a walk in the woods enjoying the autumn colours. The important thing though, whatever you choose is to make some time to relax regularly.