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Breast forms for different skin tones

Recovering from a mastectomy and breast cancer treatment can impact you physically, emotionally, and psychologically. While advancements in the medical field can sometimes offer remarkable options for breast reconstruction, we feel that it is important to recognise the importance of personal choice, particularly when it comes to the colour of your breast form if that is the route you have chosen.  With this in mind, we are delighted to introduce you to our latest colour, Espresso, which is the fourth colour prosthesis to be added to our breast form collection. (We do also have some other colours in our swim forms and softie range.)


Why does it matter what colour your breast form is?



Just as we choose our clothing and accessories to reflect our personal style, having options in breast form colours allows us to express ourselves. Feeling comfortable and confident in one’s appearance after mastectomy surgery, is vital for overall well-being.


Matching Skin Tone

Skin tones vary widely among individuals, and having a range of colours ensures a closer match to your natural skin tone. This blending effect helps the prosthesis integrate seamlessly with the body, minimising its visibility and boosting the wearer’s confidence.


Clothing, Activity and Relaxation Breast Form Choices

Different occasions and outfits may call for different types or colours of prostheses . Offering choice enables you to coordinate your prostheses with your clothing, whether you prefer lighter colours for lighter clothing or darker shades for darker attire. There are also ‘softie’ breast forms which are used straight after surgery and are great for wearing around the house when you are relaxing.  In addition, if you are swimming or working out you may like to use a specially designed swim form (currently available in blue or pink) which is carefully constructed with grooves at the back for optimal airflow and water drainage.

Psychological Impact

Eloise believes that having the option to choose the colour of your breast form will help you feel a sense of control over your appearance and aid in the psychological healing process.  You can browse our full collection of breast forms here: Breast Prostheses

If you would like help choosing the right breast form or mastectomy bra then please call our fitting suite during office hours on 01908 340 094 and our experienced fitters will be only too pleased to help you. Thanks for reading and check back regularly to see our updated blog posts


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