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Jetting off for some winter sun?

Hey there, sun seekers!

Ready to shake off the winter blues?

Maybe you are about to embark on a last-minute getaway to warm, sun-kissed shores! But before you jet off, remember to pack your beach essentials—and that definitely includes a fabulous new swimsuit!  Whether you’re aiming for that golden tan or lounging by the pool with a refreshing drink, having the perfect swimsuit that meets your post-surgical needs can really make a difference to your confidence and comfort levels.  Yet, finding a reliable stockist with a diverse selection of mastectomy swimwear can be quite the challenge, especially with the closure of many specialised lingerie stores on the high street. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with our curated collection of mastectomy swimwear and breast forms designed to make you feel beautiful, confident, and secure as you soak up the sun. Say goodbye to worries and hello to carefree beach days—because every body deserves to feel fabulous! 🌞👙


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Can I swim with a breast form?

Absolutely! You can definitely swim with a breast form. We understand the concerns many women have when it comes to wearing swimming costumes or bikinis post-mastectomy. From worries about the fit of the costumes to concerns about the security of their breast forms, we’ve heard it all in our fitting suite. We know that the thought of breast forms floating in the waves can be off-putting. But rest assured, with the right swimwear and proper care, you can enjoy the water with confidence and peace of mind. Our purpose made Aqua Swim Form has a patented ribbed reverse which serves to reduce the weight and allows water to drain away quickly whilst swimming and immediately after. The design allows air circulation for coolness and comfort.

Can I sunbathe after breast surgery?

Severe heat or sun burn after breast surgery can increase your risk of developing lymphoedema and also irritate sensitive scar tissue, so laying out in the hot sun for long periods is not recommended. That doesn’t mean you can’t get any rays though, sensible precautions to take include avoiding the midday sun and using a high factor SPF sunscreen, remembering to re-apply it regularly throughout the day. Keeping your head covered and staying hydrated of course are super important. We also recommend using a beach wrap to inconspicuously cover the arm and block the sun. Investing in a beach wrap that co-ordinates or matches your swim suit or bikini will enable you to discreetly cover up when in the sun without drawing attention as it will blend seamlessly into your beach outfit. There is also a helpful article on Breast Cancer Now’s website that talks about caring for your skin after treatment for breast cancer. You can read it here

As always though, it’s best to check with your surgeon before deciding on the amount of sun bathing you will undertake so that they can advise you on your particular situation.

Pretty swimwear following breast surgery

Following a mastectomy your needs for swimwear will likely have changed somewhat and especially, as we already discussed, if you are using a breast form. You may worry that you are going to have little or no choice of styles. When it comes to fashion though, there’s no really need to stress! At Eloise, we’ve got you covered with gorgeous tankinis, breast forms and swimsuits specially designed for women who’ve undergone breast surgery. Our products feature a carefully higher cut neck line, ensuring the perfect support for your prostheses while stylishly concealing any scars. Plus, our swimwear has adjustable straps for that extra comfort and sass! With a slightly higher armhole for maximum fit and super soft pockets for your breast form, you’ll be rocking the beach with confidence and flair.

Our new styles are landing daily so check out the latest swimwear and get ready to look and feel amazing!