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Pretty Mastectomy Bras


Undergoing breast surgery doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to pretty bras and embracing the sort of underwear that we used to see on our Nan’s washing line. These days thanks to some enlightened manufacturers and some very talented designers it is possible to have all the benefits of a mastectomy bra, pocketed to hold a breast form, as well as a pretty and feminine appearance. There is a whole world of pretty mastectomy  lingerie available here on the Eloise website so there’s no excuse at all for wearing boring bras.

Just as we have a variety of outer garments all doing different things (a duffel coat is great for walking the dog but not so suitable for a cocktail evening) we need a wardrobe of bras to ensure that whatever we are wearing, we have the correct underwear to enhance and support our curves. These could include a sports bra for exercising, a selection of comfy every day braas that will work as well under t-shirts as they do under our office suits and a strapless bra for those evening dresses.

Immediately after surgery we will also need to buy a very soft bra that won’t irritate scar tissue or dig into sensitive areas of the chest. You need to allow time for the nerves to repair and the skin to settle down after radiotherapy so you certainly need to steer clear of underwires or scratchy seams.

Nastasja is an ideal choice for a first bra after breast surgery. It is a soft light mastectomy bra made from super soft microfiber with a transparent centre for a lightweight look and feel. It is pocketed on both sides and available in black, white and nude so will co-ordinate well with any outfit. It retails at £40.80.

Once you are past the initial healing stage a beuatiful choice of mastectomy bra is Vanella, this simply stunning lacy bra is a popular choice for special occasions or a little bit of every day luxury.

It has adjustable straps and comes in black or crystal, both colours will make you feel super feminine and more like your pre-surgery self with its translucent charmeuse in the upper cup.

Again pocketed on both sides ( and lined on the lower half of the cup) this bra is available to buy here and costs £50.40. Don’t forget to tick the box exempting you from VAT on all mastectomy bras if you have undergone breast surgery. You will find this option on the check out screen when you are finalising your order.

We recommend that lingerie is hand washed in tepid water with a mild detergent specially forumlated for delicates. For items that are able to be macines washed, please use a laundery bag to protect delicate items from snagging. Always allow to drip dry. We do not recommend putting lingerie in a tumble dryer or on the radiator to dry.

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Is All This Exercise Worth It?


Take the Olympics this year for instance. Coming Second in the medal table winning 27 Golds, 23 Silver and 17 Bronze at Rio 2016 was Team GB’s most successful Olympics ever. Just watching the Olympics can be an Olympic event in itself as we go through all the emotions with the athletes, willing them on and then, with the euphoria of the win you feel you’ve had a work out yourself by the end of it. Then usually we get that pang of guilt (mainly because we’ve either got a bar of chocolate or glass of wine in our hand) and tell ourselves, I really should do more exercise. But is it really worth the effort? Why should I exercise?


 Well the NHS Live Well web article “Benefits of Exercise” calls exercise

“the miracle cure we’ve all been waiting for.” It goes on to say “Whatever your age, there’s strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even happier life.

 People who do regular activity have a lower risk of many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and even some cancers.

Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


“If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented,” says Dr Nick Cavill, a health promotion consultant.”

 And who of us doesn’t want to live a happier healthier life.

So the next question might be “How can I be more active? What exercise should I do?” We can’t tell you which is best for you, and remember you should always consult a doctor before you start any new form of exercise of course, but as they say the possibilities are endless. Why not have fun trying out as many as possible until you find the one that suits you best.

 Walking is one of the cheapest and easiest. What about cycling? If that fills you with dread and fear of traffic, don’t panic there are a wealth of traffic free cycle paths in the UK for example the Bath to Bristol railway path.  The great thing about these paths are that they are usually flat and many have old Railway station buildings that have been turned into Tearooms. Very nice for a quick stop…(try to resist the cake though)

 Running is another great exercise but can be daunting. The NHS Couch to 5k is a great tool for beginners as it is designed to gradually build up your running ability, so you can eventually run 5K without stopping over the 9 week program.  

Swimming is also a great exercise and doesn’t require going far as most towns have a swimming pool. But have you thought about synchronised swimming or Scuba diving.

 For the more adventurous of us there’s also Mountaineering, Rowing, Sailing, Fencing, Archery or skydiving.

 So why not use the Rio 2016 Olympics as an inspiration to do more? We’re not saying you should go out and train to be the next Sir Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farrah or Katherine Grainger. However just a little more exercise is good for you honest.


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New Eloise Catalogue

We are all getting very excited here at the Eloise office as we are just a few short weeks away from the release of the new Eloise catalogue. Containing all our favourites and best sellers from previous years as well as some fabulous new product lines including some stunning new swimwear. Check back here and we’ll keep you posted…in the meantime why not check out our facebook page for some sneak peeks of upcoming new products.

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How to choose the right size of breast prosthesis

What size is right for you?


As with bra fitting, each prosthesis is different so it is important to find the right one for you. There are different weight, colour and volume options to choose from and if you are not sure which is best the numbers can look a bit confusing. Don’t worry though, we can help advise you on which Breast Form is most suitable either over the phone, you can call us on 0845 22 55 080, or by using our handy prosthesis sizing chart in the Fitting Guides section (click here to view) to help you select the right size. (Please bear in mind there is a slight difference between the manufacturers, so best to think of this as a guide.)

You simply find your bra size on the grid and then the corresponding number is the correct Breast Form to choose for your shape. Talking about shape though, it’s not just about the bra size, you also need to think about your overall breast shape. Your natural breast may be shallow, average or full cup and to achieve the most natural look under your clothes you really want to choose the breast form that gets the closest to your natural shape as well as being the right size. (Think about the softies you used in the early days, they were great at the time and did their job very well but the shape was probably not quite right)

Using the guide below the size table (click here and scroll down slightly) you can also choose which shape is best for you from the shallow, average and full cup options. We stock a variety of different shapes of prosthesis to ensure you get the best fit. Innovative shapes like the oval and U shape help to offer a wider choice of breast forms to complement your silhouette. The different shapes are all on the guide but we have looked at a few below to give you a taster.

Triangle shape

The most popular and widely available shape, this is a symmetrical breast form which can used on either side of the body. It mimics the shape of a natural breast and is available in shallow, average or full volumes. It is most suited to ladies who have not had extensive surgery to the lymph glands.

Oval shape

One of our newer shapes, it is another excellent symmetrical shape which sits smoothly against the chest wall giving a natural profile. May suit ladies who wish to use in an underwired bra. It is recommended for ladies who have a slightly wider, fuller breast shape and can work well for ladies who have had bilateral surgery.

Partial shapes

These are best suited to ladies who have had a lumpectomy, partial surgery or reconstruction as they provide volume or enhancement after surgery. The most popular shape is a triangle.

Check out the size and shape guide for more information and check back here for news of an exciting new Elosie fitting service coming soon…

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Getting Organised for Xmas


Getting Organised for Christmas 


You’ve been putting it off for ages, but there is no getting around it, Christmas is getting closer. Every year we say next Christmas I’m going to be more organised and ready earlier so I can relax and enjoy Christmas. But then it catches us out again, even if it’s the same time every year, and we’re running around like mad trying to find the perfect gift and getting more and more harassed as we battle the supermarket crowds. So, as the days are diappearing fast we thought we’d give you some tips on how to get organised for Christmas


 Good Housekeeping magazine recommends: 

“Start the process early
Break down the ‘one giant job’ into lots of manageable little ones, and try to keep smiling!  
Shop right 
Make a simple shopping list, and if you have a crammed schedule, buy online. If possible, have all presents delivered on the same day when you can plan to be at home.      
Put a date in the diary to do your Christmas food shop
Or even get a rough idea of your menu. Again, organising an online delivery is a wonderfully easy option. 

Start your home declutter 
Clear space for new toys – encourage your kids to clear out one or two toys per weekend.
Clear that spare room you need for guests
Don’t look at this as a giant job, as you’ll only put it off. Try doing 20 minutes each evening instead.   
The week before the day
This is the time to shop for any fresh ingredients. Can you start preparing/chopping veg or making sauces? How much easier would the day be if you did this? Get the family to help, too


These may be simple obvious things but they work. By separating or breaking down the tasks will make life much easier for you. Why not treat yourself to a lovely note book (you can do this on the computer but we think there’s something nice about a notebook), divide it up into sections write the job to be done on the front of each section for example, Presents, Cards, Shopping, Housework or anything else you think of. Then spend a little time listing, filling in what you need for each section. By doing this you free you brain of a lot of clutter as you don’t need to remember everything anymore. Keep your notebook with you so you can add to it when something or someone pops into your head and don’t forget to cross off each task as you do it. This helps you to relax, as you see more and more things being crossed off there’s less to do and you realise I can do this.


 Whatever you decided to do, relax and enjoy spending time with the family…if it all goes wrong there’s always next Christmas!


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Come on in and join the Eloise social media community.


We think Pinterest is a pretty cool way to keep you up-to-date with all our latest products and ideas so we are rewarding our Pinterest followers with a sneak peek of the exciting new swimwear coming up this summer ahead of the catalogue release. The new board is called ‘Post-surgery-swimwear 2015’ and can be viewed here

 If you would like to stay in touch with Eloise by joining our social media community, you can follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook page or follow us on Pinterest for all our latest news. And don’t forget, if you have any suggestions for content that you would like us to include we would be happy to hear from you. Contact us through any of our social media channels J


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Thank you to all our customers in 2015

Eloise would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers in 2015. We never forget that it is you wonderful ladies, all of whom have been through so much,that continue to support us in supporting you. In an ideal world there would be no need for a post-surgical lingerie site like this one but sadly, until breast cancer is defeated once and for all, we will continue to need post surgical lingerie and here at Eloise, we for one are determined that it need not be boring!!!

There are some exciting new styles coming later in 2016 like the featured image of Fleur which is also available with a co-ordinating lace bandeau panel and the best selling Josephine in a lovely new silver mint for spring. We also have Ella, another popular choice, ready to pop in cayenne pepper while new on the scene Miss Ribbon and a special bra – Valentina, will also make their bow.Keep checking back to see these exciting new styles and colours as they are loaded up to the site early in the new year.

So whatever you are doing over the holiday season, relaxing at home, staying with friends or family or travelling abroad to warmer climes make sure that you enjoy yourselves and have fun and from everyone here at Eloise we wish you a healthy and prosperous 2016.


See you in the New Year!

From all at Eloise xx

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The Importance of Vitamin D


October 24th to 30th was Vitamin D awareness week. And as we are hearing more and more about Vitamin D deficiency we thought we’d look in to it. Earlier this year the Government recommended that all in the UK over the age of 1 year should consider taking a Vitamin D supplement daily during the autumn and winter.  


 What is Vitamin D and why do we need it? 


The NHS says


“A lack of vitamin D – known as vitamin D deficiency – can cause bones to become soft and weak, which can lead to bone deformities. In children, for example, a lack of vitamin D can lead to rickets. In adults, it can lead to osteomalacia, which causes bone pain and tenderness”

 The Vitamin D Council says the following about the link between lack of Vitamin D and breast cancer.  


Preventing breast cancer

Some studies have been conducted which have found that women with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to develop breast cancer.  A recent review of many studies found that post-menopausal women with low levels of vitamin D had a higher risk of developing breast cancer compared to post-menopausal women with high levels of vitamin D.


Other studies have found what is called a dose-response relationship, where for each increase in vitamin D levels in the body, there is a decrease in breast cancer risk”

It also says “There are four types of studies that are used to see whether UVB exposure and vitamin D reduce the risk of breast cancer: geographical studies, observational studies, laboratory studies and randomized controlled trials. All four types of studies have found strong evidence that UVB and vitamin D reduce therisk of breast cancer.”

Vitamin D has also been linked with weight loss according to

 Although there is no magic pill for weight loss, vitamin D does play a role in maintaining healthy weight. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it is stored in your body’s fat cells. The link between vitamin D and weight has not been completely explored by researchers and is not fully understood, but several studies have shown a connection between vitamin D and status and weight.”

So, putting it simply 

“Vitamin D is important for good overall health and strong and healthy bones. It’s also an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection.”  Vitamin D Council

So where do we get Vitamin D from?

We get Vitamin D from a few foods such as oily fish & red meat, but our main source is from the Sun. Which we don’t see a lot of in this country and is why vitamin d deficiency is sometimes called the “English Disease”, and why it is advisable to take a Vitamin D supplement especially during Autumn and winter.






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Race for Life



Here at Eloise we are playing our part in the fight against cancer by joining this year’s Race for Life in support of Cancer Research UK. Their aim is to save lives from cancer and they are the largest single funder of breast cancer research in the UK.. Cancer Research UK do this through funding world-class research, providing information for patients, health professionals and the public, and influencing public policy to keep cancer at the top of the health agenda.More people are beating cancer than ever before thanks to their work and public support. For more information on their life-saving work please visit

Race for Life is the UK’s largest women-only fundraising event and it has made a huge impact on Cancer Research UK’s work. So to show our support on 10th of June at the Crystal Palace Stadium, Team Eloise will be walking, jogging and running to raise money to support this worthy cause.

If you would like to give us a boost please go to to donate and enter a message of support. Or alternatively if you are coming in for a fitting, our fitters are collecting cash donations. We have set ourselves a target of £500 and we hope to exceed that figure. We hope you will join us in the biggest fight against cancer by making a donation, however small.


Thank you for your support.