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Choosing beachwear after a mastectomy

If you have had breast surgery and are wondering what to wear on the beach this summer, then we have you covered. There is absolutely no need to hide away under a beach dress unless you particularly want to and there are heaps of choices when it comes to bikinis, tankinis and swimwear.

Thanks to a host of carefully designed, pocketed swimwear, it is absolutely possible to sunbathe, swim and even play beach volley ball if that’s your thing, all while securely and discreetly wearing your breast form.  Just like a post-surgical bra, you can be fitted for a fashionable bikini or swimsuit of your choice and get back to doing the things you love. There are even specially designed breast forms for swimming with grooves incorporated into the back for drainage. This means that you don’t have to worry about water being trapped behind your prosthesis as you leave the pool or the sea.


How do I choose a mastectomy swimsuit?

It’s generally best to see an experienced post-surgical bra & swimwear fitter if possible.  That way you can try on the swimwear or bras in the fitting suite and be certain that they look good and fit well at point of sale. Your bra fitter will suggest a few suitable styles for you and ask you to stretch and move around in them as well to see that they stay in place.

At Eloise we are always delighted to see our customers face to face and are very proud to offer a personal one-to-one service in our purpose built fitting suite.  If you can’t get in to see a fitter, or perhaps you live too far away, then why not call us for personalised telephone advice before you select a style.

Can I use a prosthesis with my swimsuit?

Absolutely!. Mastectomy swimwear is usually pocketed for use with a breast form. Eloise stock a great selection of mastectomy bras and swimwear from leading brands like Anita Care. Styles like the ‘Stockholm’ are a great choice after surgery because not only is the costume designed to securely hold a breast form, but the cleverly designed neckline means that not only will the breast form be concealed but any higher scarring will also be covered. You can of course pair this with a co-ordinating cover-up for walking around the beach or pool exactly as you would have done before surgery.

How do I book a mastectomy swimwear fitting appointment?

Simply call 01908 340 094 to make an appointment.

Our specialist bra fitters, Lisa and Hazel, look forward to welcoming you for a free of charge, bra, swimwear or breast form fitting at your convenience. There is parking available outside the fitting suite and you are welcome to bring a friend or a partner with you if you would like.  If you have a holiday planned this year or simply want to get back to the pool then give us a call and see how we can help you get back to enjoying your swim!