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How to care for your lingerie and breast forms

How to care for your mastectomy bra.

I know most of us have the best intentions about handwashing our bras, but in reality time constraints mean we end up throwing them in the machine. We might worry about this but the good news is that most lingerie can be washed at a low temperature of 30°. You can simply pop them in the washing machine using the delicate wash cycle and a mild detergent. It is good though to use a lingerie bag and to make sure you close the bra fasteners to keep your lingerie safe in the wash.  Eloise do not recommend the use of fabric softener because it damages the fibres.

When it comes to drying them, bras should be air dried, and not placed in the dryer, on the radiator or in direct sun light. This is because all extreme heat can accelerate the wear of fabrics. Please refer to the instructions on the care label if you are not sure.

How to care for your breast forms.

Wash the prosthesis by hand every day using liquid soap or a mild detergent and dry with a towel. To speed up the drying time of breast forms with a microfibre back, dab the back with a paper tissue or kitchen towel. Never use aggressive detergents that contain solvents, or disinfectants and keep away from sharp or pointed objects which can damage the breast form.

How to care for your swimwear.

Wash swimwear by hand using mild washing powder after each wear. Please make sure you read the care instructions on the label before using a washing machine. We recommend washing without fabric softener at 30°C using a lingerie bag on a gentle wash cycle. When drying swimwear, avoid the tumble-dryer, radiators and full sun.  Just leave your wet swimwear in the fresh air in the shade.