VAT exemption

VAT is not charged on post-mastectomy goods when supplied for the personal use of customers who have undergone breast surgery for medical reasons. A VAT concession form is dispatched with every order, this must be signed and returned on receipt of the order.

VAT exemption applies to:

  • ready-pocketed or cup-lined bras
  • swimsuits and dresses
  • prostheses and nipples
  • selected accessories

The retailed price on these items excludes VAT.

With items that are not pre pocketed, VAT must be paid even if adaptation or a pocket is requested as these items are not classed as medically exempt.

If you have not undergone surgery for medical reasons then you will have to pay VAT on any specially adapted item i.e. a pocketed bra or a pocketed swimsuit.

VAT is already included on items such as briefs, sarongs, bags, hats.

If you have any queries on the VAT concession, please do not hesitate to contact us.