Your consumer rights

Every time you buy goods, whether you’re at the shops, at home or online, you are protected. That’s because as a consumer, you have rights.

Whatever you buy must:

Fit the description given: Goods have to conform to the descriptions given to them.

Be of satisfactory quality: You have the right for the goods you buy to be safe, work properly and be free from defects.

Be suitable for purpose: Anything that is sold to you must be capable of doing what it’s meant for. If there is something wrong, use your rights – discuss it with us, as you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or, for a reasonable period, a refund.

Whenever you buy something, you are protected as you have consumer rights. However, if something goes wrong, please remember to discuss it with us.

If you need any specific advice or support, you can contact Consumer Direct at Consumer Direct.