Getting the Right Fit

80% of women wear the wrong size bra!

The fit of a bra can change the way you look and feel in your clothes so it is really important to get this right. Measuring for a bra with a tape measure can often be inaccurate as all bras vary between different manufacturers so you may not be the same size in all the styles you choose.

Below are some tips on how you can check if you are wearing the right size:

  • The band of the bra should be firm but comfortable. It should not ride up at the back at all; if it does it is too big and you will need to drop a back size, but remember when you do you will need to go up a cup size to compensate e.g. 36B too big, go to 34C.
  • When a bra is new it should be fastened on the loosest hook so when it stretches it can be tightened.
  • With an underwired bra the wires should sit flat at the front and the wire should sit around the breast without digging in anywhere.
  • Some bras are not made in a DD cup so choose the E cup in this case.
  • The cup should contain the whole breast, if you are protruding over the top try the next size up. If the cup is wrinkled try a cup smaller. E.g 34C too small, try 34D
  • Ensure you lift your breast(s) into the cup.  You may find it easier to bend forwards, allowing yourself to drop into the cup.

Breast Form Fitting GuideFor a personal fitting service, contact us now to book your free appointment.  For further Sizing information, please visit our Sizing Guide.