Breast Form Size and Shape Guide

What size is right for you?

As with bra fitting, each breast form is different so it is important to find the right one for you. There are different weight, colour and volume options to choose from and we can help advise you on which is most suitable.

We have designed the chart below to help you select the correct size. Please bear in mind there is a slight difference between the manufacturers, so only use this as a guide.

You can also choose which shape is best for you from shallow, average and full cup options. This should help you achieve the best look under your clothes.Breast Form Fitting Guide

What shape is right for you?

At Eloise, we stock a variety of different shapes of breast forms to ensure you get the best fit. Innovative shapes like the oval and U shape help to offer a wider choice of breast forms to complement your silhouette.

Triangle shape

The most popular and widely available shape, this is a symmetrical breast form which can used on either side of the body. It mimics the shape of a natural breast and is available in shallow, average or full volumes. It is most suited to ladies who have not had extensive surgery to the lymph glands.

Oval shape

One of our newer shapes, it is another excellent symmetrical shape which sits smoothly against the chest wall giving a natural profile. May suit ladies who wish to use in an underwired bra. It is recommended for ladies who have a slightly wider, fuller breast shape and can work well for ladies who have had bilateral surgery.

Asymmetric shape

This shape is specifically designed for the left or right of the body with a small extension, or tail. It sits under the arm where surgery has removed a large amount of tissue or the lymph glands. It can also work well for ladies who have had bilateral surgery.

Heart shape

This versatile shape can be used symmetrically or asymmetrically. It can be worn in an underwired bra due to its round shape that is slightly narrower at the base and suits ladies who have a narrow back with a fuller shape of bust.

Partial shapes

These are best suited to ladies who have had a lumpectomy, partial surgery or reconstruction as they provide volume or enhancement after surgery. The most popular shape is a triangle.