Prosthesis types

Prosthesis types

At Eloise, customers receive impartial advice on the different types of prostheses available. We stock all major brands including Amoena, Anita, Silima and Trulife.

Whatever type of surgery you have had (or any other reasons for a prosthesis) it should be possible to find a prosthesis that feels comfortable and matches your remaining breast or previous shape to restore a natural outline. To find out which size you should have in your prostheses, visit our size/shape guide. Your breast and body shape, as well as lifestyle and medical factors, should be taken into account to ensure you have symmetry. The type of prosthesis you have will influence the type of bra you need (see our Which bra should I choose page for more guidance).

Silicone prostheses

These are made from a soft, gel-like substance contained within a polyurethane skin. They closely resemble the natural breast in shape and feel and are made in a wide variety of styles, ranging from whole breast forms to partial shells, wedges and undercup fillers. Silicone prostheses are fitted 6-8 weeks after surgery, once the area is properly healed.

Most silicone prostheses are now available in full or standard and reduced or light weight versions. Some ladies prefer to have a standard weight option to balance a heavier bust, some ladies prefer a lighter option, especially if they suffer from lymphodema. If you have a query, please feel free to contact us or take advantage of our prosthesis fitting service.

Silicone prostheses feature some of the newer technologies. For ladies who are in hotter climates or may suffer from hot flushes, we stock a prosthesis with thermo-regulating properties designed to keep the area behind the prosthesis cooler, releasing the heat back in to the body when needed.

A silicone prosthesis costs around £135, so it’s always best to be properly fitted to ensure you are in the right shape, and to look after it once you’ve made a purchase. For protection, and to retain its shape, your breast form should be stored in its shaped box when not being worn.

Silicone prostheses normally last at least two years and need replacing when they lose shape and firmness. You may need a replacement sooner if your weight or shape changes.

Having two silicone prostheses is always handy, especially if you’d like one that’s slightly different such as a lighter weight, or a self-adhesive form.

Other types of prostheses

Most prosthesis wearers find it more convenient to have an additional breastform to alternate with the one they usually wear. These forms are useful for rest, leisure and sports activities, or if you simply want a ‘spare’.

Clear swimforms are made of a slightly more resilient and water resistant silicone to withstand the effects of regular immersion in chlorine and saltwater. They are usually concave or feature grooves at the back to allow water to drain away and dry quickly. Some ladies prefer to have a swimform to leave in the pocket of their swimwear for convenience.

Non-weighted breast forms include fibre-filled pads and shaped foam breast forms, worn post-operatively and for comfort while sleeping or sunbathing. Although they do not cost much, the main drawback with non-weighted forms is that they tend to ‘ride-up’, thus giving a lop-sided appearance.

Weighted forms are available in a shaped foam and are very useful since they are well suited to most leisure and sports activities, with some being specifically designed for swimming and gym use. They weigh about half as much as a silicone prosthesis and due to the lead weight inserted inside they tend to ‘sit’ a little better than a non-weighted form.

And finally….

Remember, no prosthesis will look right if your bra does not fit properly. Ideally, the two should be fitted at the same time. Failing this, always choose the bra first.

Staff at Eloise are experienced in helping you choose the right prosthesis for your needs, and you are welcome to contact us for advice on any type of breast form.

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