Sizing guides

Helping you choose the right size

If you are unable to come in for a fitting, we have put together some helpful hints and sizing graphs to help you find the right fit. Because styles vary, it is unlikely that you will be the same size in every bra style, so it’s best to use these charts as guides only.

Step 1 – Underbust measurement

Place a tape measure directly under the bust – you may find it easier to get a friend or partner to help you. Make sure the tape is level around your body and really snug, but not tight. Make a note of the measurement in inches rounding up or down to the nearest back size, 32, 34 etc.

Step 2 – Overbust Measurement

Wearing your bra, place the tape measure around the fullest part of your breast, again making sure that the tape measure is as level as possible.   Then take the difference between the two measurements to give you your cup size.  See below for an example.


Difference in Inches Cup Size
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 DD
6 E
7 F
8 FF
9 G


International sizing

Please note that foreign manufacturers sometimes use a different cup grading to UK manufacturers. For example, E-cup in Europe = UK DD-cup. Where applicable, we try and indicate the equivalent UK size on the individual text description of products.

For general sizing, this guide may help:

Breast Form Fitting GuideFor a personal fitting service, contact us now to book your free appointment.