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Anita Wellbeing Bra

Today we really wanted to talk about being comfortable in your bra!!  We are heading into the weekend and traditoinally that might the time we take things a bit easier, slip into some lounge wear instead  of our work clothes and generally let our hair down a bit. But how many times does your bra let you down in the comfort stakes?

We think we have found the answer. The Wellbeing Bra from Anita Care is great for relaxing in. It’s supportive enough to wear for light activities like yoga or walking and is the perfect ultimate comfort bra, even soft enough to sleep in. The one piece lining and seam free edges minimise pressure and chafing and for that reason it’s also ideal for use during or after radiotherapy.

So this weekend, dont put up with an uncomfortable bra, get the Wellbeing Bra from Anita and relax in style…