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Choosing the Right Bra


IF you have a special occasion coming up or perhaps you are going away for a romantic break with your other half there’s a good chance you might decide to treat yourself to some lovely pretty new lingerie to take with you.


 Something to remember however is that most women are wearing the wrong size bra these so if you are going to spend money on a new one yourself you want it to be right. There’s so many to choose from though so where do you start? What size do you get? Here are some of our tips for choosing the right bra. 


You are correct that most women wear the wrong size, its actually 80%! That’s a lot, and only 20% are getting it right! The fit of a bra is really important because it can change the way you look and feel in your clothes and we all want to feel confident, look fabulous and feel comfortable. We strongly recommend that you get correctly fitted and try on different bras not just pick them off the rack and hope they fit. Here’s a few things to remember. 


The band of the bra should be firm but comfortable. It should not ride up at the back at all; if it does it is too big and wont be giving you needed support. You will need to drop a back size, but remember when you do you will need to go up a cup size to compensate e.g. 36B too big, go to 34C. 


The cup should contain the whole breast, if you are protruding over the top try the next size up. If the cup is wrinkled, try a cup smaller e.g. if 34C is too big, try 34B


If you have had surgery it is particularly important to get the right fitting bra. You should consider the type of surgery you’ve had and which type of bra suits your needs and your breast form if you haven’t had a reconstruction.


 Just because you have had surgery doesn’t mean you cant wear pretty underwear.. . for example the Ella bra has lovely floral embroidery while still being supportive, or there’s the Versailles bra, which is one of our favourites, both come in a variety of colours and are perfect for a romantic weekend away. Don’t forget to get the matching knickers as well. 


A good tip to remember with a new bra is that it should be fastened on the loosest hook so when it stretches it can be tightened. 


A well-fitting bra should feel like second skin, so take your time and have fun looking for the right bra that’s supportive, pretty and makes you feel fabulous.