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Don\’t Wait Until You are 100 Years Old


May 2016 was Vogue UK magazine’s 100th birthday and to mark the occasion Harvey Nichols’ campaign featured Bo Gilbert, Vogue’s first 100-year-old model.  Bo was Photographed by Phil Poynter wearing bespoke Valentino glasses, a Dries Van Noten coat, Victoria Beckham top, The Row trousers and a Lavin necklace. She looks stunning and proves you can look elegant and stylish at any age. In the video about the photo shoot on Vogue’s website Bo tells us about her love of clothes, how fashion has changed over the years, and she bemoans the fact that people don’t wear hats anymore!  

 The article got us thinking about other centurions who haven’t let age get in the way of enjoying life to the full. For example, Eleanor Cunningham from Howes Cave, New York, celebrated her 100th Birthday with a sky dive and this wasn’t her first! She took up sky diving at age 90!

Fauja Singh from Ilford East London became the world’s oldest marathon runner when he completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2011 when he was 100 years old. He completed it in 8 hours 25 Minutes & 16 seconds. Like Eleanor he took up his new activity around 90.

 Georgina Harwood from South Africa celebrated her 100th birthday with a sky dive and cage dive, (swimming with sharks). If Sky diving, running a marathon or swimming with sharks seems a bit too much for you why not try writing your first novel?  Lorna Page become one of the oldest debut writers on record when she published her novel A Dangerous Weakness at the age of 93.

Why is it that we wait for a special birthday/occasion or retirement to do something wild & unusual? Isn’t it usually because life is so busy with work, family, housework and the school run. When we sit or fall down at the end of the day we find we fall asleep in front of the telly. We can’t be bothered to, or think we have no time to, fit anything interesting in. But it’s important we do. When you look at Bo, Eleanor, Fauja, Georgina & Lorna not only are they are still active mentally and physically they are happy enjoying life.

Doing something different is great for the mind, it keeps you alert & helps to keep your stress levels down. Number three in list of 10 benefits of keeping stress levels down is “Cancer Protection.Stress interferes with our immune system and is often blamed in the medical community for everything from colds to cancer. The sooner a person gets it under control, the sooner their immune system can get back on the job, protecting them from monsters they want no part of.”

So why wait until you are 100 to do that sky dive or write that book. Make time to do something you enjoy whether it’s preparing to run a marathon or just a leisurely walk around your local area. You will be surprised at the health benefits both mentally & physically. And you may well be Vogues next 100-year-old model.