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Eloise Visit Bosom Pals


Jemma Barnes and Catherine Cuttriss from Eloise were delighted to be invited to speak at a recent meeting of the Bosom Pals support group in Bedford England. Bosom Pals Bedford is a support group for ladies who have undergone, are going through, or have been newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 

Meeting on a monthly basis the group is a lifeline for those who are struggling with treatment and those who have through this traumatic illness. They meet to support each other on the journey to recovery and the road back to ‘normal’ life, always striving to maintain their sense of humour and aiming to have some fun along the way.

Jemma and Catherine attended the meeting to introduce the group to some Eloise products, specialist bras, swimwear and breast forms and to show how they can help to restore curves and confidence after the trauma of a lumpectomy or full mastectomy. All Eloise staff are trained to fit post-surgical lingerie and swimwear as well as find the correctly sized breast forms.

The discourse focused on how ladies have differing needs as they progress along their treatment stages, the need for soft bras post surgery for instance and also bras to sleep in. There is an Eloise product for each stage of treatment ensuring optimum comfort at every stage. Some time was spent looking at the different products which Jemma and Catherine had brought along to the meeting with them and explaining how they each contributed to the recovery stage, playing their part as required.

Next the focus turned to every day needs after surgery is over and the all clear has been given. A good bra wardrobe would consist of several different bras including a sports bra, a sleep bra, a T-Shirt Bra, an everyday comfortable bra, a going out sexy bra etc etc… Again Eloise cater for all these situations and you can view the range here

Additionally for those who like to swim (and breast care nurses are recommending that exercise after surgery helps to aid healing) Jemma showed the range of swimwear and swim breast forms that are suitable for swimming after surgery.

Attention was given to the importance of being properly fitted on a regular basis as changes to the body through stress, diet, medication etc can all leave you with a poorly fitting bra which in turn will cause lack of confidence and could result in an uncomfortable wear.

The talk was followed with a general questions and answers session which was enthusiastically received and many in the group came up for a personal fitting afterwards with more asking where they could go locally for a fitting in the future. It was a very positive experience for everyone and Pauline Hooper from the Bosom pals group commented afterwards “Our members had such a lovely evening with your two ladies who came to show us some of  the Anita Care lingerie and to talk about bra fitting in general.  It was great to have such an opportunity to see and feel the texture of the bras and I was amazed at what a wonderful range of bras and breast forms that you can supply to ladies who have had breast surgery”

Eloise donated a bra and brief set on the night for the raffle to help raise money for this valuable support group and with them every success in the future.