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Getting Organised for Xmas


Getting Organised for Christmas 


You’ve been putting it off for ages, but there is no getting around it, Christmas is getting closer. Every year we say next Christmas I’m going to be more organised and ready earlier so I can relax and enjoy Christmas. But then it catches us out again, even if it’s the same time every year, and we’re running around like mad trying to find the perfect gift and getting more and more harassed as we battle the supermarket crowds. So, as the days are diappearing fast we thought we’d give you some tips on how to get organised for Christmas


 Good Housekeeping magazine recommends: 

“Start the process early
Break down the ‘one giant job’ into lots of manageable little ones, and try to keep smiling!  
Shop right 
Make a simple shopping list, and if you have a crammed schedule, buy online. If possible, have all presents delivered on the same day when you can plan to be at home.      
Put a date in the diary to do your Christmas food shop
Or even get a rough idea of your menu. Again, organising an online delivery is a wonderfully easy option. 

Start your home declutter 
Clear space for new toys – encourage your kids to clear out one or two toys per weekend.
Clear that spare room you need for guests
Don’t look at this as a giant job, as you’ll only put it off. Try doing 20 minutes each evening instead.   
The week before the day
This is the time to shop for any fresh ingredients. Can you start preparing/chopping veg or making sauces? How much easier would the day be if you did this? Get the family to help, too


These may be simple obvious things but they work. By separating or breaking down the tasks will make life much easier for you. Why not treat yourself to a lovely note book (you can do this on the computer but we think there’s something nice about a notebook), divide it up into sections write the job to be done on the front of each section for example, Presents, Cards, Shopping, Housework or anything else you think of. Then spend a little time listing, filling in what you need for each section. By doing this you free you brain of a lot of clutter as you don’t need to remember everything anymore. Keep your notebook with you so you can add to it when something or someone pops into your head and don’t forget to cross off each task as you do it. This helps you to relax, as you see more and more things being crossed off there’s less to do and you realise I can do this.


 Whatever you decided to do, relax and enjoy spending time with the family…if it all goes wrong there’s always next Christmas!