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Mastectomy Lingerie Frequently Asked Questions

Eloise Lingerie have been specialists in mastectomy lingerie since 1994. With 18 years of experience we are happy to provide advice on the best lingerie and swimwear for you, whether you have just had surgery, or you simply have concerns about your everyday bras or prosthesis. A few of the frequently asked questions which we have received over the years are below.

I’m about to have surgery, what bra do I need?

If you are about to have a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, then it’s important to have the right bra after surgery. It will allow you to heal, accommodate swelling and most importantly, feel comfortable. We recommend a special post surgery bra, that is soft against the skin and is front fastening, which you may feel is easier if you have impaired movement in your arm. All of our post surgery bras contain pockets or cup linings to insert a lightweight breast form, also known as a comfie. If you are having reconstructive surgery, a compression bra may be suggested as the best option.

What happens next?

About 6-8 weeks later after healing, you will be ready to wear a more supportive bra with a silicone prosthesis. We recommend you come and see us to ensure you are in the correct size and shape of bra. Eloise stock bras from Royce and Anita in our mastectomy bra range, offering an excellent choice of different styles. We are more than happy to fit and advise you on your lingerie and breast prosthesis so that it best matches your natural shape.

How many bras do I need?

We would recommend you have a small collection of different bras to suit different outfits. You may also prefer different bras and prosthesis for daywear, leisurewear and special occasions. Start with three different bras, one to wear, one to wash and one in the drawer. The average life span of a bra is 6 months so remember to replace your bras regularly.

Can I wear Underwires?

We would not recommend wearing an underwired bra immediately after a mastectomy as the delicate tissue around the scar needs time to heal. Usually you can wear an underwired bra approximately 4-6 months after surgery if you feel comfortable and you have the all clear from the doctor. It is important that you are fitted correctly for your underwired mastectomy bra to make sure the wires are not digging into to the delicate tissue surrounding the scar.

What about exercise, do I need specialist bras or swimwear?

Most nurses will encourage you to be active after surgery. We have sports bras for low impact sports such as yoga, and more supportive styles for high impact activity such as running, tennis or horse-riding. Once you have completed your treatment, swimming is one of the best low-impact forms of exercise. Therefore we stock specially designed swimming prostheses that allow the water to drain quickly away, and chlorine resistant mastectomy swimsuits with pockets inside to keep you secure and confident. We also have beautiful, fashionable pocketed swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis should you want to go away somewhere fabulous to get away from it all.

I don’t feel comfy in my bras or prosthesis. What can I do?

We are always happy to offer advice over the phone or through email, but to receive the best service we recommend you have a fitting, fittings for mastectomy wear. A one to one consultation will take you through the best bra and prosthesis styles for your shape and is invaluable for those ladies who don’t know where to start in their journey for comfort and style.

please do not hesitate in contacting Eloise for directions on where to receive a private, professional fitting. 

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