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Pretty Mastectomy Bras


Undergoing breast surgery doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to pretty bras and embracing the sort of underwear that we used to see on our Nan’s washing line. These days thanks to some enlightened manufacturers and some very talented designers it is possible to have all the benefits of a mastectomy bra, pocketed to hold a breast form, as well as a pretty and feminine appearance. There is a whole world of pretty mastectomy  lingerie available here on the Eloise website so there’s no excuse at all for wearing boring bras.

Just as we have a variety of outer garments all doing different things (a duffel coat is great for walking the dog but not so suitable for a cocktail evening) we need a wardrobe of bras to ensure that whatever we are wearing, we have the correct underwear to enhance and support our curves. These could include a sports bra for exercising, a selection of comfy every day braas that will work as well under t-shirts as they do under our office suits and a strapless bra for those evening dresses.

Immediately after surgery we will also need to buy a very soft bra that won’t irritate scar tissue or dig into sensitive areas of the chest. You need to allow time for the nerves to repair and the skin to settle down after radiotherapy so you certainly need to steer clear of underwires or scratchy seams.

Nastasja is an ideal choice for a first bra after breast surgery. It is a soft light mastectomy bra made from super soft microfiber with a transparent centre for a lightweight look and feel. It is pocketed on both sides and available in black, white and nude so will co-ordinate well with any outfit. It retails at £40.80.

Once you are past the initial healing stage a beuatiful choice of mastectomy bra is Vanella, this simply stunning lacy bra is a popular choice for special occasions or a little bit of every day luxury.

It has adjustable straps and comes in black or crystal, both colours will make you feel super feminine and more like your pre-surgery self with its translucent charmeuse in the upper cup.

Again pocketed on both sides ( and lined on the lower half of the cup) this bra is available to buy here and costs £50.40. Don’t forget to tick the box exempting you from VAT on all mastectomy bras if you have undergone breast surgery. You will find this option on the check out screen when you are finalising your order.

We recommend that lingerie is hand washed in tepid water with a mild detergent specially forumlated for delicates. For items that are able to be macines washed, please use a laundery bag to protect delicate items from snagging. Always allow to drip dry. We do not recommend putting lingerie in a tumble dryer or on the radiator to dry.