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What exactly is a Post-Surgery Bra?


A quick survey of our friends and family here at Eloise revealed that a surprising number of women don’t know what a post-surgery bra is.  We thought it was time to clear up the confusion and explain the purpose and the benefits of using one of these super comfortable bras.

Basically anybody undergoing breast surgery, be that for medical reasons or cosmetic, will find that the recovery period can take a good few weeks or more during which the patient is likely to find that their breasts are swollen and pretty sore. You need to treat them very gently during this period, as you would any other area of the body that you were operated on. Imagine having an operation on your big toe and then forcing your foot into a tight fitting boot. You just wouldn’t, you would slide it into a nice soft slipper until it healed. Likewise trying to put on an underwire bra after surgery would be very uncomfortable and wouldn’t offer your breasts the right support either. It would not be nice!

Enter the post-surgery bra. Often looking a bit like a sports bra they are front fastening and designed to be worn day and night during the recovery to keep the breasts nicely supported as they heal. Because of this it’s a good idea to buy two or three before the surgery as you will want to be washing and changing them regularly, only buying one could prove problematic (or a little unhygienic eek!)

We sell several post-surgery bras on the Eloise website, each has its own merits and all will serve to keep you super comfortable during your Post-Surgery period . Why not have a look at the styles available and remember that if you have surgery planned you should buy them in advance, you won’t want to wait till afterwards. The Salvia post-surgery/radiotherapy bra is one of our favourites.

You don’t need to worry about them being redundant after you heal either…another bonus of a good quality post-surgery bra is that they make a great sleep bra after you have healed. Sometimes there are days when you really don’t want to feel constricted and the post-surgery bra will be sitting there happy to oblige on those days when you just want to be comfy. They are also great to use for plane travel when the altitude can make you feel really swollen and your regular bra might be cutting in… Just choose your post-surgery bra for travel and you won’t even know you are wearing it!


So there we are, post-surgery bras explained. Please share this with any ladies you think may not be aware of what they are…after all, caring’s sharing!