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What to wear when exercising after surgery


It’s that time of year again and whether we like it or not the festive season is fast approaching. We’re beginning to think about trying on that little black dress. The big question being will it fit? So the thing to do is try it on, if it fits you can sit back and be smug. For the rest of us it’s time to don our trainers, sports gear and start running or at least walking. It can be daunting starting to exercise again after surgery especially knowing what to wear to feel secure and look good. Here’s somethings to keep in mind when choosing your prosthesis, swimwear and sports bras.


 As with bra fitting, each prosthesis is different so it is important to find the right one for you. There are different weight, colour and volume options to choose from and we can help advise you on which is most suitable. We would recommend you visit our Fitting Suite if possible for a personal fitting. If you can’t we have a fitting guide on our website which will help. Things to keep in mind are the shape, weight, style and what you are going to be doing. For example, our Active Ocean Swimform prosthesis is waterproof and designed not to be harmed by salt or chlorine and has vertical grooves for water draining, perfect for all water activities.

 Mastectomy Swimwear

 Our post-surgery swimsuits and bikinis have been designed with discreet modifications which are so subtle that they can be worn by anyone, whether you have had surgery, or not. All our swimsuits have pockets to accommodate your breast swimform or prosthesis. The slightly higher necklines and closer underarm fitting give good coverage, and the soft pre-formed cups provide maximum support and natural contour to flatter your figure.

 As well as your bra size, take into account your height and hip measurements. It is best to choose your swimsuit by dress size so that you know it is going to fit your entire body. If for example, you wear a size 36C bra but are a dress size 12, then you should choose a size 34 swimsuit which will give you the equivalent of a dress size 12. All of our mastectomy swimsuits are fitted with pockets to hold your breast prosthesis securely in place. As the pockets fit right into the front of each cup, like a lining, they are suitable whether you wear a full or partial prosthesis and if you use a self-adhesive form.

 Sports Bra

 A good fitting sports bra is a must for any sporting activity. It will help avoid pain and over stretching the sensitive connective tissues. Our sports bras such as the Vivana sports bra have pockets on both sides, soft breathable fast drying microfiber that keeps the wearer cool and comfortable.  The soft edgings and deep felt lined under band anchors the bra without causing pressure on the skin.

For more information, have a look at our fitting guides or call Julie Hardcastle on 01908 340 094 at our fitting suite for advice.