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What Your Underwear Says About You

The recent article on Good about underwear choices made us laugh. It claimed that the diffferent styles of lingerie we choose can tell a lot about a person and there are some humourous comments in it. Apparently high waisted knickers scream old Hollywood Glamour, Boy Short wearers are usually running late, those who choose thongs are particulary ambitious while cotton bikini lovers are known to be happy. There are many more and its fun to see where you fit amongst the lingerie styles under scrutiny.

But it set us thinking about our own underwear drawers and what they actually DO reveal about us. We agreed that if we are feeling a bit down on ourseves, perhaps we have put on some weight, perhaps we are post surgery, perhaps we are going through some worries (goodness knows there are plenty of those) then we can tend to neglect our underwear drawers.We can be a bit less picky about matching our bra and knickers, we might choose plain nude instead of exciting brights and lets face it, we might not bother replacing that ‘ready for the bin’ bra that has stretched out of shape but feels super comfy when we wear it.

Conversly, when we are feeling good, energised and confident then suddenly we pay more attention to what we are pulling out of the cupboard in the morning. Suddenly it seems really important that our bra matches our knickers, that the colour is matched to what we are wearing. That it fits well and looks good. And we feel even better for it.

So it follows, we decided, that we could probably do a lot to lift our spirits when we are feeling a bit low by making sure we are wearing well fitting and attractive underwear. Instead of thinking,’I feel rubbish today so I’m not going to bother about what I put on’ we could say ‘I feel rubbish today, I’m going to dress well and give myself a boost’. This is even more important if you are post-surgery and feeling less confident that you did before your operation. And of course, our underwear is the foundation for the rest of the outfit. It all starts there.

So…what DOES your underwear say about you? If you think that yours needs a revamp then check out the beautiful feminine bras and knickers on and treat yourself to some pretty and well fitting underwear. You will feel better for it!!