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Which Knickers should I wear?


We talk a lot about the importance of a well-fitting bra, especially when exercising. But what about your knickers? Knickers, pants, briefs whatever you prefer to call them are something we wear every day. However, unless we have a special occasion we tend not to think about them much. Some of us may go as far as making sure we always wear a matching set, just in case! (you know what mum always says) but often we find and put on the first clean pair we grab in the morning. So does it really matter which knickers we wear?

Recently we tried Anita extreme control sports briefs. And realised that it does make a difference when you wear something designed for a particular job. For example Anita’s extreme control sports briefs are not only comfortable but they stay up. It’s annoying when exercising particularly running to find you knickers have slipped down and every couple of minutes or so you have to stop to pull everything up and sort yourself out. If you’re wearing the right pair of knickers you don’t even know you’re wearing them. But there are so many different styles to choose from, thongs, high leg, midi, shorts and full briefs not to mention shapewear. What does it all mean?


Here’s a brief guide to some different types of knickers.


Full briefs (sometimes called granny pants) these are exactly what they say they are. They cover everything from high waist to low cut on the legs. They are good for minimising your tummy. 


Midi Briefs are good for everyday wear, they sit on your hips and cover your whole bottom. 


High leg briefs are cut high on the legs. They are great for creating curves and making your legs look longer. 


What about the dreaded Thong no surprise for guessing that they provide the least coverage. They are good for making your legs look longer and little or no VPL. 


It’s not just the style we should into consideration. There’s also the material they are made out. A lot of Doctors and gynaecologists recommend cotton knickers as they are more breathable. Sarah Yamaguchi, MD, a Los Angeles–based ob-gyn says in Vogue 

“Cotton is also better for women’s health: It doesn’t trap moisture, which synthetics like nylon and Lycra can do. “I recommend that all of my patients wear all-cotton underwear, because it breathes better,” 


Yes, there is a lot to think about when buying knickers, too big they fall down & spoil the outline of an outfit. Too small you get muffin top and bulge in all manner of places. But when you get it right you’ll look and feel amazing.