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How to choose the right size of breast prosthesis

What size is right for you?


As with bra fitting, each prosthesis is different so it is important to find the right one for you. There are different weight, colour and volume options to choose from and if you are not sure which is best the numbers can look a bit confusing. Don’t worry though, we can help advise you on which Breast Form is most suitable either over the phone, you can call us on 0845 22 55 080, or by using our handy prosthesis sizing chart in the Fitting Guides section (click here to view) to help you select the right size. (Please bear in mind there is a slight difference between the manufacturers, so best to think of this as a guide.)

You simply find your bra size on the grid and then the corresponding number is the correct Breast Form to choose for your shape. Talking about shape though, it’s not just about the bra size, you also need to think about your overall breast shape. Your natural breast may be shallow, average or full cup and to achieve the most natural look under your clothes you really want to choose the breast form that gets the closest to your natural shape as well as being the right size. (Think about the softies you used in the early days, they were great at the time and did their job very well but the shape was probably not quite right)

Using the guide below the size table (click here and scroll down slightly) you can also choose which shape is best for you from the shallow, average and full cup options. We stock a variety of different shapes of prosthesis to ensure you get the best fit. Innovative shapes like the oval and U shape help to offer a wider choice of breast forms to complement your silhouette. The different shapes are all on the guide but we have looked at a few below to give you a taster.

Triangle shape

The most popular and widely available shape, this is a symmetrical breast form which can used on either side of the body. It mimics the shape of a natural breast and is available in shallow, average or full volumes. It is most suited to ladies who have not had extensive surgery to the lymph glands.

Oval shape

One of our newer shapes, it is another excellent symmetrical shape which sits smoothly against the chest wall giving a natural profile. May suit ladies who wish to use in an underwired bra. It is recommended for ladies who have a slightly wider, fuller breast shape and can work well for ladies who have had bilateral surgery.

Partial shapes

These are best suited to ladies who have had a lumpectomy, partial surgery or reconstruction as they provide volume or enhancement after surgery. The most popular shape is a triangle.

Check out the size and shape guide for more information and check back here for news of an exciting new Elosie fitting service coming soon…